Restaurant “Stovene”

We are very proud to welcome you to our “historic” restaurant. We have high ambitions and can promise you a dining experience for both everyday and parties. After being a guest with us at the Gloppen hotell, you will understand that there is something very special about local food from the Nordfjord. With us, the food is from the village, fresh, clean and without additives.

Restaurant Stovene

Different menus for every occasion

At Gloppen Hotell, we can offer you several menus to choose from depending on the occasion.
Contact us and we will plan together with you!

Local, home-made and delicious food

Gloppen Brygg

Gloppen Brygg is our own microbrewery and started out as Norway’s smallest microbrewery, in the basement of the hotel. Due to the need for more space for greater volume, the brewery is now stationed in the building just behind the hotel (in the back garden). Dag Håkon Moen is brewery manager, as well as food and beverage manager at the hotel. He is a trained beer waiter and is responsible for the brewing of our proud beer

Big investment in local food with Bodil Fjellestad at the forefront

In our historic restaurant, we can offer a journey through local flavours. Goat, lamb, pig and ox are from local farmers. The game is from local hunters. The fish is from Gloppen or just out by the coast. Berries, fruit and some vegetables are grown at Sandane and we make much of the baking ourselves. The cured meat comes from our own production kitchen and storehouse. We get the herbs from Høgt og Vilteingard in the fjord.